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The SharePoint Templates

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Arrow365 is a timesaving solution because it removes the need to create and modify SharePoint sites from scratch, which can take upwards of 20-minutes or more. With Arrow365, you'll receive a newly created, fully optimized SharePoint site and Teams group in 7 to 9 minutes. Everything is pre-built and ready for your team within minutes. Your team can choose to work from SharePoint, Teams, or even their desktop applications because Arrow365 gives you access across the board to get you there faster.

General Litigation (GenLit)

The General Litigation SharePoint template is our featured template. This template can be used for any case in litigation regardless of your party status – Plaintiff, Defendant, etc. Rooted in the foundation of litigation, customized by indexes, and endless scalable opportunities provide the perfect collaborative space to hit the ground running with any case in litigation.

Indexes included for organizing your case materials: Pleadings Index, Records Index, Liens Index, Written Discovery Index, Document Production Indexes, and Depositions Index.

General Litigation Template.png
Client Template.png


The Client template can be used for top-tiered clients for which you handle multiple matters. You can build upon this template by incorporating pages within the site for each sub-matter you’re handling for the Client. Pages in SharePoint sites can be templated for repeated use


The Category template can be used to separate SharePoint sites by areas of law, attorneys, venues, etc. It can also be used for administrative purposes, such as creating SharePoint sites for accounting, HR, etc. You can build upon this template by incorporating pages within the site. Pages in SharePoint sites can be templated for repeated use.

Category Template.png

Your Custom Template

In addition to the three (3) Arrow365 SharePoint templates, our Enterprise Plan gives you the option to create a unique SharePoint template. We'll assist you in developing the best SharePoint design that best fits the needs of your team. The custom-designed template will be coded by our Engineers and integrated into your Arrow365 services and SharePoint template options.

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