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The Arrow365 SharePoint Templates

Seamless Integration and Flexible Collaboration Across Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Arrow365 revolutionizes your legal practice with its comprehensive SharePoint templates. Within just 8 minutes, Arrow365 delivers a fully templated SharePoint site, ready to streamline your workflow. But that's not all. Every deployment across SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Teams General channel. This powerful integration offers you the freedom to work and collaborate anywhere you choose—whether it's in SharePoint, Teams, on your desktop, or on your mobile devices. With Arrow365, your legal practice truly comes alive, empowering you to work flexibly and efficiently across multiple platforms.


General Litigation (GenLit)

Our flagship template, the Arrow365 GenLit SharePoint template, takes center stage as the cornerstone of our offerings. This versatile template is designed to cater to all types of cases, both pre and post-litigation, regardless of your party status—be it Plaintiff, Defendant, or any other role. Built upon a solid foundation of litigation expertise, it comes equipped with customizable indexes and offers limitless scalability, providing an ideal collaborative environment to swiftly dive into any litigation matter.

Indexes included for organizing your case materials: Pleadings Index, Records Index, Liens Index, Written Discovery Index, Document Production Indexes,  Depositions Index, Client Docs Index, and a Damages Tracker. We also offer additional template Microsoft Lists not included in our Arrow365 SharePoint templates, including a Medical Records Summary and a Deposition Abstract & Summary (free to our Arrow365 members).

General Litigation Template.png
Client Template.png


The Arrow365 Client SharePoint template is specifically designed to cater to your esteemed top-tier clients who entrust you with multiple matters. With this template as your foundation, you have the flexibility to expand and customize the site by incorporating dedicated pages for each sub-matter you handle on behalf of the client. The beauty of SharePoint sites lies in their ability to be templated, allowing you to create standardized page layouts that can be effortlessly replicated for repeated use across your client-specific sites.


The versatile Arrow365 Category SharePoint template empowers you to efficiently organize your SharePoint sites based on various criteria, such as areas of law, attorneys, venues, and more. It not only allows for seamless categorization but also provides a robust foundation for administrative purposes, enabling you to create dedicated SharePoint sites for accounting, HR, and other administrative functions. With this template, you have the freedom to further enhance your sites by incorporating customized pages within each site. SharePoint's page templating capabilities make it effortless to create standardized layouts that can be replicated and reused across your SharePoint sites, ensuring consistency and streamlined workflows.

Category Template.png

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