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Arrow365 Enhances Your Microsoft 365 Experience.

Work Efficiently
Collaborate Productively
Live Beautifully

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Your Entire Case at Your Fingertips

Arrow365 revolutionizes your legal practice with its comprehensive SharePoint templates. Within just 8 minutes, Arrow365 delivers a fully templated SharePoint site, ready to streamline your workflow. But that's not all. Every deployment across SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft Teams General channel. This powerful integration offers you the freedom to work and collaborate anywhere you choose—whether it's in SharePoint, Teams, on your desktop, or on your mobile devices. With Arrow365, your legal practice truly comes alive, empowering you to work flexibly and efficiently across multiple platforms.

What People Are Saying About Arrow365

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"Working with Misty and her team at Arrow Consultants has benefited our firm significantly. The Arrow365 service has increased our efficiency and productivity by establishing a system that works for us! When we have ideas for enhancements to our systems, Misty and her staff are fast to respond and assist us in implementing our ideas."

Misty Murray

About Misty Murray

Litigation & Trial Paralegal (20+ years)

Creator of the Microsoft 365 Case Management System

Co-Creator of the Arrow365 System

Founder & CEO of Arrow Consultants, LLC

Blogger | YouTube Host and Influencer

For more than two decades, I personally experienced the same struggles you face—juggling time, cases, clients, and teams. The constant need to adapt to various systems, from case management to document management, consumed countless hours without yielding the desired results.

Then, a turning point came. I reached a moment of clarity and said, "Enough!" It was time for the system to adapt to my needs, rather than the other way around. That's when I embarked on a quest for a better solution—one that would empower my team, streamline our workload, and align with our budget.

In my pursuit, I realized that a true transformation required tearing down the existing framework and rebuilding it from the ground up. It was crucial to adopt solutions that could eliminate time-consuming administrative processes, allowing me to focus on what truly matters—my expertise and serving my clients.

The solution I discovered was right at my fingertips—Microsoft 365. With its comprehensive suite of tools, Microsoft 365 offered the potential to revolutionize case management and enrich my teams' overall user experience. But it didn't stop there! I took the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and designed a proprietary code that automated it to deliver a true case, client, and practice management system. I call it Arrow365.


Microsoft Is A Name You Trust

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool filled with applications that provide endless opportunities.


Microsoft isn't going anywhere. In fact, Microsoft has been supporting and securing our practices since 1975.


When you save a document in Microsoft 365, it is immediately OCR'd for text recognition. It's not just reading the title.


Microsoft 365 is a living system and doesn't put you in a corner with case management. Baby-step in, scale, and grow.

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