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Arrow365 Empowers and Enhances Your Microsoft 365 Experience.

Work Efficiently
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Your Entire Case at Your Fingertips

Focus on what really matters: running a smooth business and succeeding for your clients

Arrow365 takes your Microsoft 365 subscription to the next level. At Arrow Consultants, we want to make your Microsoft 365 subscription work for you by adapting it to work for practice management. With over two decades of legal industry experience, we think outside of the box to create unique, efficient solutions by leveraging the power of a product you're already paying for.

Our SharePoint templates empower your team so that you can effectively manage your practice, streamline workflows, foster community, boost efficiency, and drive productivity.


Harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and make the most of your subscription and your data. 


Learn more from an Arrow365 professional today.

What People Are Saying About Arrow365

We're taking your Microsoft 365 subscription to the next level with Arrow365 and the feedback is awesome!

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"Working with Misty and her team at Arrow Consultants has benefited our firm significantly. The Arrow365 service has increased our efficiency and productivity by establishing a system that works for us! When we have ideas for enhancements to our systems, Misty and her staff are fast to respond and assist us in implementing our ideas."

Just How Unique is Arrow365?

Your Data in Your Microsoft Subscription

Your case or matter data is yours, and thus, it belongs in an environment you control. Because our only goal is to empower you as a user, Arrow365 is a code that simply allows your Microsoft 365 subscription to use our pre-designed SharePoint templates for a case or matter creation. All information to create, host, and store your cases or matters lie directly in your hands and entirely on your Microsoft 365 subscription. If you cancel your Arrow365 plan, you retain all case information and data. You lose nothing except the ability to create new cases or matters using the Arrow365 SharePoint templates. If you are migrating from another case management system or G-Suite, we're confident this is your last migration.


At Arrow Consultants, we don't believe in lengthy contracts, which is why Arrow365 is the only Practice Management System that offers a one-time setup fee, and flat fee bi-yearly contract renewal opportunities at a never-before-seen per firm cost - NOT per seat. We want you to grow (or not) without worrying about additional costs. With the ability to handle unlimited users, Arrow365 is the most cost-effective practice management solution on the market today. Check out our plans for more details.

Bi-Yearly Renewals

We expect you to evolve as a Microsoft 365 user, which means we'd like to check in with you every six months. For example, do you need another folder structure? Would you like to add buckets to Planner? Is it time to cancel or change your plan so that you can design your own SharePoint template (*Enterprise Plan only)? We'll continue to refine your system, automate your workflows and empower you as a Microsoft 365 user with our expert support.

Microsoft Is A Name You Trust

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool filled with applications that provide endless opportunities.


Microsoft isn't going anywhere. In fact, Microsoft has been supporting and securing our practices for many years.


When you save a document in Microsoft 365, it is immediately OCR'd for text recognition. It's not just reading the title.


Microsoft 365 is a living system and doesn't put you in a corner with case management. Baby-step in, scale, and grow.

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Level Up

Interested in learning more about leveraging the power of Microsoft 365?

Misty Murray

Co-Creator Misty Murray

Creator of the Microsoft 365 Case Management System

Founder & CEO of Arrow Consultants, LLC

Litigation & Trial Paralegal

YouTube Host and Influencer

I spent over 20 years in the legal industry struggling with the same issues that brought you here - managing my time, managing the cases, managing the clients, and managing my team. I spent countless hours adapting to new case management systems, learning how to operate new document management systems and everything in between. None of it worked!

After two decades, I said: ENOUGH! I was no longer willing to adapt to the needs of the system. It was time the systems started adapting to the needs of my team, my cases, my workload, and most importantly, my budget.


While searching for a better solution, I had to tear down the house and rebuild the foundation. It was imperative that I rebuild with solutions that would allow me to eliminate administrative processes eating up my time and not making me any money. I needed a system that would allow me to return to my zone of genius.

The solution was at my fingertips, the answer was Microsoft 365, and the cost was $14 per month.

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